Our team of Terumo and MedAxiom Consulting experts in cardiovascular interventional medicine is uniquely qualified to support you with decades of combined experience in providing best-practice processes built around the development and implementation of a care pathway for the patient undergoing cardiac catheterization.  We will help you realize positive, quantifiable improvements and establish new standards of care by reducing complications and increasing operational efficiencies in your cath lab. Removing process care variation, minimizing costs and reducing the potential for complications has never been more important in the new value-based healthcare system.


  1. Examine data elements of your current transradial intervention program and conduct a comprehensive live assessment of all clinical and clerical processes.
  2. Provide customized recommendations to move your organization to an optimized Transradial Patient Care Pathway.
  3. On-site guidance from Terumo Business Edge guarantees the best possible patient-centered care, with reduced complications, increased patient and staff satisfaction, and optimized operational outcomes.
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Terumo Business Edge and MedAxiom Consulting have partnered to deliver on the Triple Aim in Healthcare

  • Patient Experience
  • Population Health
  • Reducing Costs

Improving the work life of health care providers is equally important as enhancing patient experience, improving population health, and reducing costs.  Including the care for clinicians and staff in optimizing healthcare system performance is becoming widely known as the Quadruple Aim in Healthcare.

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“MedAxiom’s membership, which includes some of the most progressive and innovative cardiovascular health care leaders in the country, is increasingly focused on achieving the Triple Aim of health care,” said Pat White, President of MedAxiom. “Optimizing the proven benefits of a transradial program is one approach many are taking. Terumo’s Transradial Patient Care Pathway elevates and streamlines the process so that systems can begin to reap the benefits of better patient outcomes and significant savings quickly.”

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“As health care quickly moves toward value-based medicine, cardiovascular programs will be required to adopt and optimize transradial services to lower costs and improve patient outcomes,” said Denise Brown, Vice President of MedAxiom Consulting. “We have been very focused on transradial programs in recent years and this partnership allows us to bring our unique areas of expertise together to rapidly help health systems across the country get ready for these coming changes.”

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“The process that Terumo and MedAxiom Consulting have created through the Transradial Patient Care Pathway is efficient, effective and essential,” said Ryan Graver, President of MedAxiom Ventures. “The combination of unparalleled expertise, smart data usage, real-world assessments and hands-on guidance provides programs and systems with a comprehensive approach to successful transradial optimization.”

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