Terumo Business Edge is a Terumo Medical Corporation consulting group that provides Transradial Patient Care Pathway consulting services to healthcare systems.  We focus on driving improved clinical results and reduced costs in the cath lab by enabling customers to implement efficiency improvements in the delivery of care.  With our strategic partner MedAxiom Consulting, the nation’s leading cardiovascular service line consultants, Terumo Business Edge arms the cath lab with the tools, processes and dashboards necessary to help improve operational efficiencies, increase patient satisfaction, drive down costs, and improve profit margins.

Terumo Business Edge is led by Gary Clifton, Vice President.

Gary C. Head Shot

Gary Clifton
Vice President, Terumo Business Edge

"Times are changing, and we have to change with them.  Cath labs used to be a strong profit center in most hospitals, but over the years have found themselves becoming cost centers.  Utilizing tools like transradial access, bleeding avoidance strategies, same day discharge and a structured care pathway, cath labs can gain operational efficiencies and reduce costs in a major way, all of which are going to be necessary to survive in a bundled environment, “ says Clifton. 


The Terumo Business Edge Transradial Patient Care Pathway program lets you achieve positive, quantifiable results—reducing complications and increasing operational efficiencies by redesigning and aligning all clerical and clinical processes.  It aligns all processes surrounding the patient undergoing cardiac catheterization.  To date, programs we have engaged around the country are yielding on average in excess of $1 Million in cost saving opportunities.  How will you know if your program qualifies?  Contact us and we can conduct an assessment on your program.

Dr. Amit Amin Head Shot

Amit P. Amin, MD

Transradial/Clinical Patient Care Pathway Architect
Cardiovascular Division
Washington University School of Medicine
Chair, MedXcellence Physician Advisory Board

“The days of unnecessary spending are gone in the new era of healthcare reform. We must adapt and be more efficient in the delivery of PCI.

According to our data, there is no better way to achieve greater cost and operational efficiency than by modifying dated care pathways that are no longer relevant in the age of radial access and same day discharge.

Our data strongly support greater use of same day discharge and radial access as key considerations to saving upwards to $3,000 per interventional procedure.

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